01 Mar 2012

Tip for using swimming pool covers


One of the most frequent queries I get during the hot summer months …

Pete, why does my pool turn green in the summer when I leave cover on?

I respond with this;

Pools with covers on all the time – day and night – may turn green unless certain precautions are put in place.The first 15cm of water  under a swimming pool blanket in the middle of summer  can reach 40 degrees C during the hottest part of the day.

Once water is above 28 degrees C, all sorts of nasties and pathogens come into play. To stop this, it is essential that the pool pump is running during the hottest parts of the day to keep the water circulating, I recommend at least 2 hours per day during the hottest part of the day outside your normal running hours if you want to leave your blanket on.

look after your swimming pool

To which you might say;

But it will cost more for the electricity.

Failure to run your pool –  with the cover on during heatwave conditions (over 27 every day for a week or so) can lead to the water quickly going out of balance and algae will form quickly.

The cost of 2 hours worth of electricity is far cheaper than the cost of chemicals to remove the algae if the little critters gets out of hand.


2 Responses to Tip for using swimming pool covers
  1. Pete! Like your mosaic pic! I have a question my bath in flat 96a HIght street, HFord, seems to tur Green when I wretch too much. What do you suggest?:)

    • Hi Mike
      Yes you do have a problem, The best way to cure this problem is next time you need to wretch
      we advise you stick your head as far down the dunny as you can.
      The benefits from this are that the bath no longer turns green, and with any luck you will never wretch again !!!!
      Cheers mate, glad you like the site
      Best Wishes
      Pete May


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